Glass Recycling

In June of 2017 we were informed that our commingled recycling vendor would be phasing out the mixing of glass bottles and jars with the commingled recycling stream that we are shipping to them at this time.

The reasons for the change are as follows:

  • To reduce glass-related injuries occurring as a result of sorting the material.
  • The glass is causing mechanical issues problems with the sorting machinery.
  • Broken glass gets mixed in with the other commodities downgrades the quality of the recycled materials.

The Cherokee County Landfill will be working with a new glass recycling vendor, Ripple Glass out of Kansas City, Missouri, that will handle our glass. You will find the new procedure for recycling glass bottles and jars below.

We will also be mailing a flyer to every resident in the county.  Thank you for continuing to recycling your glass bottles and jars. Recycling helps us save landfill space and to control landfill costs!

We apologize in advance for the inconvenience that this may cause some residents.  By implementing these changes we will be able to continue with glass bottle and jar recycling in Cherokee County.

These chanCherokee-2-yd-bin-mock-upges will take effect September 1, 2017.

We have placed Purple Glass Recycling Dumpsters next to the white recycling trailers in the towns listed below. The dumpsters are clearly marked “FOR GLASS ONLY”!  No plastic bags or cardboard”. Plastic bags and cardboard can be placed in the other recycling containers. Residents in these towns will continue to bring their recycling to the location of the white trailers. The purple glass dumpsters will be located next to the white trailers. You can place glass into the purple glass dumpsters and any bags or cardboard used to haul the glass can go into the white trailers.

Washta Quimby  Larrabee
Aurelia Marcus Cleghorn
Meriden*MMCRU High School *Washta School *Aurelia School

Recycle Trailer800*Note that there will not be purple glass dumpsters at the three (3) schools: MMCRU High School, Washta School and the Aurelia School.

The rural residents of the County still need to bring their recycling to the nearest white trailer.  There will be a purple dumpster  there for your glass.

City of Marcus Residents: You have curbside recycling and will need to stop putting glass in your bins out in front of your house. You will need to take glass to the purple glass dumpster next to the white trailer in Marcus.

City of Cherokee Residents: You only have curbside recycling. You will need to stop putting glass in the bins in front of your homes and instead take it to one of the two (2) purple glass recycling dumpsters located in Cherokee (see below). The purple glass dumpsters are located next to the blue Sanitary Services dumpsters where residents can place any bags or cardboard boxes used to haul the glass.

Locations of purple dumpsters in Cherokee:

  • Parking lot at Cherokee Fire Department
  • Parking lot west of the old Town Drug Store

Some residents have been bringing their recycling to the landfill. That is still acceptable, but you’ll need to have the glass separated out and we’ll have a spot for the glass to be dumped.

Glass items accepted:

  • Glass food and beverage containers (all colors)
  • Wine, pint or other drinking glasses

Items NOT accepted:

  • windshields
  • laminated glass
  • mirrors
  • ceramic, porcelain or milk glass
  • lightbulbs
  • Pyrex